Combined Root Canal & Gum Problems

Sometimes, you know exactly what tooth is causing pain in your mouth. At other times, the sensation of pain may seem to be coming from multiple teeth or a whole area in the mouth, making it difficult to identify exactly which tooth is causing it. This may be the case when infection exists both in the gum and the root canal of a tooth.Such an infection may have started either in the gums or in the pulp of the tooth and spread to the other location, leading to a confusing set of symptoms whose origin gets difficult to identify.

When the tooth pulp gets infected severely, the disease could spread outside the tooth via the apex of the root, through the periodontal ligament and infect the gums, leading to abscesses or periodontal disease. This may cause severe pain in the affected tooth.

In other cases, an infection that starts in the gum may travel through the accessory canals located between the tooth roots, into the pulp of the tooth. The disease may spread even more easily in teeth that are fractured.

The course of treatment undertaken will depend on where the infection began, in order to have the best chance of saving the infected tooth. If the infection started in the root canal and traveled to the gum, the chances of saving the tooth are higher if treatment is performed timely. But if periodontal disease caused the root canal to get infected, the tooth may have to be extracted.

In either case, a consultation with our dentists at Center One Dental, Canonsburg, PA will help you diagnose the exact cause of your pain so that treatment can be administered accordingly. Dental problems should not be overlooked. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort in your teeth or gums, call our clinic at (724) 213-2274 for an appointment.

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