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Why Are Oral Cancer Screenings Important in Canonsburg?

March 31, 2017

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Oral cancer screenings are very important because this form of cancer is fully curable if it is detected early enough. As per available statistics, 84 percent of oral cancer cases can be detected early by a qualified dental health professional.

As and when a dentist does an oral cancer screening, they utilize several tools to check for any discoloration or mouth sores. After this, they feel the tissues around the mouth for any kinds of lumps or malformations. If anything like this is seen or felt, a sample tissue of this is sent for detailed kind of testing.

How does one know if there is a risk of oral cancer?

There are a few outstanding reasons for the cause of oral cancer. For one, it is people who are in the age group of more than 40 who are more at risk. Those who smoke or take in other forms of tobacco too are in the danger of developing this form of cancer as are those who take a lot of alcohol. Oral cancer can also be caused due to human papillomavirus (HPV), and men, as a rule, are more prone to this cancer. Following a diet plan which is not very healthy can also lead to oral cancer as can a lengthened exposure to sun’s rays.
Even though it is on record that those who have or have had oral cancer have a minimum of one of the above factors, there is now a tribe of people who do not have any risk factors and still develop oral cancer. Hence, even if you are not in the category of people who have the above-mentioned risk factors, still it is advisable to go in for an oral cancer screening to make sure that you do not have this ailment.

Oral cancer symptoms

There could be a presence of red or white patches in the mouth area. Spots which keep bleeding or do not heal, again in the mouth, are another indication. There could be a lump or a hard spot in the mouth. Numbness or pain experienced whenever one bites down on one’s teeth is another sign of the onset of this disease. If a person is using dentures, wearing them becomes an uneasy experience due to instances of swelling.

Oral cancer treatment

Regular oral cancer screenings will ensure that the disease is caught in its nascent stages if it occurs. Though a doctor will not be able to make a cent percent judgment just by observing, he or she can send a sample tissue to the laboratory for detailed analysis and testing to be hundred percent sure. If the diagnosis for this cancer is positive, there are several means of combating this cancer. These include surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.

It is also important to know that mouth cancer can even occur on the lips, tongue, throat, salivary glands or the pharynx.

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