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How to Brush Your Teeth Correctly in 6 Easy Steps

December 16, 2016

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You probably know that you should get a cleaning from your dentist every 6 months – but did you know the reasons for it?

One of the biggest is that most people simply don’t know how to brush their teeth correctly, meaning they never get rid of most of the plaque they get.

This is bad news, because dental cleanings or not, it’s best to keep your mouth clean from food particles and the bacteria that “digest” them – and in this article, we’ll help you do just that with 6 easy steps to brushing your teeth the right way.

Step 1 – Get the Right Tools

First thing’s first; you need a toothpaste, toothbrush and floss that work for your teeth. This means picking dental tools that won’t irritate your gums, resulting in problems and even diseases like gingivitis. Consult a dentist if necessary.

Step 2 – Brush in Circles

The most common mistake people make when brushing their teeth is brushing back and forth and not in a circular motion. When you brush in a circular motion you are better able to clean your gums.  Also, by brushing with circles you more likely to maintain your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle into the gums.

Step 3 – Clean Inner Surfaces

Once the previous step’s done, you’ll want to move on to the hard-to-reach, in-between areas: gaps in between your teeth, areas behind your rear teeth, etc. Here, use soft back-and-forth movements to avoid irritating your gums.

Step 4 – Clean Your Tongue

Once the previous 3 steps are done, make sure you’ve gotten rid of all the bacteria in your mouth by cleaning your tongue with your toothbrush.

Step 5 – Rinse

Once you’ve cleaned your tongue and teeth, get rid of the lather you’ve worked up in your mouth by using either water or mouthwash.

Step 6 – Repeat

It should take you 3-5 minutes to clean your teeth. If it takes less, you did something wrong. It may help to time yourself to a song that’s about 4 minutes long to make sure you’re not rushing through the motions.

And there you have it: the 6 simple, easy steps to brushing your teeth correctly.

If you can’t quite picture all the steps, it’ll be helpful to look at some YouTube videos. If you’re not sure, call our office and our staff will be glad to help.

We also offer specials on new patient teeth cleanings where our staff can demonstrate the best way to brush your teeth at home.

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