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November 5, 2016

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Getting your teeth damaged and injured may be a roadblock to their normal function, as well as appearance. Speaking, smiling and eating will never be the same as before if you get your teeth severely injured. Though there are also many dental solutions that can restore the function and appearance of your damaged teeth, the procedures may already be a bit complicated and complex, not to mention that these procedures may be a bit more expensive. And these are the reasons why you should make sure you provide your teeth with maximum protection against trauma and injuries.

When you lead an active life and love to play sports, you have a higher risk of suffering from injuries. And most of the time, athletes would be wearing supporters for some of their body parts to reduce the risk of injuries. It is also the same with your teeth. There are a number of sports that increase your chances of getting an injury in your teeth, and this is where mouth guards come in.

Mouth guards are recommended for patients who are actively participating in contact sports or the ones who are also engaged in extreme recreational activities and sports. A mouth guard, because it is made of plastic, can help reduce the risk of damage and injury to your face, mouth and teeth because it acts like a cushion to a blow.

Most dental professionals would recommend the use of mouth guards so that you can avoid getting mouth injuries especially when you are active in playing contact sports. Over the years, more and more injuries are being reported and a huge percentage of these are injuries from sports. This is the reason why you have to be aware of the preventive measures you can take so as to protect yourself from getting injured too.

How does a mouth guard increase your protection against injuries?

A mouth guard works by preventing your upper jaw from getting jammed with your lower jaw. By doing this, you can prevent a number of injuries like neck injuries, jaw fractures, cerebral hemorrhages and many others. Mouth guards also provide protection for the soft tissues inside your mouth because they keep your soft tissues away from your teeth, reducing the risk of damage to your cheeks and lips in cases of a sudden force or an impact. This is most helpful to those who are wearing braces or those who are under orthodontic treatment.

For an individual who is actively involved in a contact sports, a mouth guard can come in handy. Contact sports are the types of sports when you have an increased chance of getting in contact with other players. You can also get injured even when playing individual sports, especially when you have a higher chance with getting in contact with a flat surface, like a wall. Mouth guards can also be helpful in these instances.

What are the types of mouth guards?

  1. Stock mouth guars. Stock mouth guards are the ones that are least expensive but are unable to provide maximum protection to the user. It does not provide a perfect fit because the size is very generic and is not specifically made for an individual. This is also the type that interferes your ability to speak and breathe because it will require you to close your jaw when wearing it. These are the least recommended type of mouth guard by the dental professionals.
  2. Mouth formed protectors. This type of mouth guards can be bought over drug stores and in other sporting goods stores. Compared to the stock mouth guards, this type actually offers better protection. In order to make sure it fits your mouth well, you need to boil the appliance so that it can follow the shape of your mouth.
  3. Custom made mouth guards. This type is the one that provides the user the perfect fit as well as the best protection because these are the mouth guards that are made for you by your dentist based on the impressions of your mouth. It may be more expensive compared to the other types but this one can offer maximum benefit.

For more information on mouth guards, call Center One Dental (724) 213-2274, or visit us at 4000 Washington Road Suite 105 Canonsburg, PA 15317.

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