Root Canal Treatment

The structure of your teeth consists of a hard outer covering called the enamel, the middle layer called the dentin and an inside chamber consisting of nerves, blood vessels, and cells; which extends to the tooth roots and into the jaw bone by means of pathways called root canals. This inner chamber is called the pulp. The tooth receives its nerve and blood supply via the root canals.

If the root canal gets inflamed or infected as a result of injury, trauma, decay or invasive dental work, then root canal treatment is needed to stop the spread of infection and save the tooth.

You may be a candidate for root canal treatment at our clinic in Canonsburg, PA if you are experiencing one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Pain or throbbing in the tooth, which comes and goes, and changes with changing position and posture.
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Swelling and bleeding in the gums
  • Tooth discoloration

When you come to our clinic for treatment, we will first examine your tooth and take an X-Ray to diagnose the cause of discomfort. In case a root canal treatment is needed, the procedure is begun by administering local anesthesia (and sedation for patients who suffer from dental anxiety). The infected pulp is thoroughly cleaned and any dead or damaged tissue, nerves and bacteria are removed. The area is then flushed and filled with a dental filling. A temporary restoration such as a crown may be placed to protect the tooth from fracturing. Once the area heals completely, the temporary restoration is replaced with a permanent one.

Contrary to popular belief, root canal treatment is painless when performed with expert dentists. Our doctors at Center One Dental are highly experienced in dealing with patients who suffer from nervousness and fear of dental treatment. We treat you utmost care and take care of your comfort during the procedure. To know if you need root canal treatment for your infected tooth, schedule an appointment by calling us at (724) 213-2274.

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