IV Sedation Dentistry

In many patients’ minds, seeing a dentist only means one thing: pain. It doesn’t matter if this programmed response is a result of childhood experiences, the intimidating sound and feel of a dentist’s tools, or a fear of giving someone access to one’s teeth. The point is, this kind of fear is real - and it stops many people from getting the appropriate dental care they deserve.

The same applies to nervous tics, involuntary muscle reactions and nervous disorders like Tourette’s syndrome. Those suffering from these conditions may be physically unable to sit still while they’re in a dentist’s chair, leading to botched treatments as well as pain and complications.

Obviously, these are all things you don’t want yourself, or your loved ones, to experience. This is why Centerone Dental is proud to offer you a full suite of sedation dentistry services. Using them, we can offer any patient our full range of dental treatments without them ever having to see their doctor. Instead, the last thing the patient will remember is being put under by a soft anesthetic - and waking up with a full set of healthy, beautiful teeth. Here’s how.

Intravenous Sedation

Local anesthesia numbs the pain in a specific area of your body. Substances like laughing gas “switch off” your sense of fear and anxiety, allowing the dentist to do his or her work quickly and efficiently without stressing you. Unfortunately, neither of these methods is sufficient to make all our patients comfortable with the prospect of sitting in a dentist’s chair.

So what we offer instead is intravenous sedation. We use modern medications with short half-lives, meaning our patients don’t feel groggy or lethargic as you might after other general anesthesia options. We also offer options that do not cause respiratory depression to patients who have a history of heart and breathing problems, so you can always rest assured that yourself, or your loved one, are safe.

Outside of the I.V. sedation itself, the rest of a Sedation Dentistry visit is identical to what usually happens. Your dentist, hygienist and/or orthodontist take care of your teeth, gums and whatever implants you may have. The only difference is, you don’t feel, or see, or hear a thing!


Getting Ready for I.V. Sedation

We often get asked what one should do before coming in for sedation dentistry. It’s quite hard to make an exhaustive list - but here are some key points:

  1. Usually, it’s recommended you eat something before seeing a dentist. This is NOT the case in sedation dentistry. As with all general anesthetics, you don’t want to eat after the night before surgery. You may drink sparingly in the morning.
  2. Come in for a check-up prior to signing up for sedation industry - and make 100% sure to tell your physician and dentist about any and all medications you take regularly.
  3. Wear clothing that’s comfortable. Sports clothes, home clothes, as well as loose and comfortable outfits are all perfect.
  4. Don’t bring anything you won’t need - or wouldn’t wear for an extended nap. This means no contact lenses, no retainers, no heavy jewelry, etc.

Once you’re home from your appointment, you can start eating, drinking, change clothes and otherwise do whatever you want. Unlike general anesthesia used before complex surgeries, I.V.-based sedation dentistry won’t force you to cancel any plans!

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